Welcome to PEAT

Welcome to the future home of PEATworks.org, the central hub of the PARTNERSHIP ON EMPLOYMENT AND ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY (PEAT). PEAT is a multi-faceted initiative working to advance the employment, retention, and career advancement of people with disabilities through the development, adoption, and promotion of accessible technology. When our website officially launches, it will be a gateway to free resources for employers, technology providers, and tech users with disabilities. Please visit us often, and follow PEAT on Facebook and Twitter, to learn about and engage in the issue of accessible technology in the workplace. Here's a taste of what you can expect from PEAT:

Web-based Tools & Training

From webinars to interactive tools, PEAT will feature a range of valuable resources, including TechCheck, PEAT's tool to help employers assess their technology accessibility practices.  

Educational Articles

PEATworks.org will be home to dozens of articles and guest blog posts on key accessible workplace technology issues. Organized by audience, this educational content will explore why it pays to implement accessible technology products, and how to go about doing so.

Opportunities to Engage

PEAT will offer users a variety of ways to collaborate and contribute to the dialogue around accessible technology in the workplace. We'll connect you to a number of ways to join the conversation and help inform future accessible technology policy.

Success Stories & Best Practices

PEAT will frequently spotlight the accessible technology experiences and best practices of employers, technology providers, and technology users with disabilities. You won't want to miss these engaging Q&A interviews.